#3 Hot Chocolate/Hot Drinks

“Goodnight!” Her house mate called through the door.

“G’night” She sniffled, trying to infuse her voice with the usual confidence and volume that was expected. She fell short. She heard his footsteps halt on the landing and she tried to stifle her sobs.

It wasn’t that she was embarrassed to cry in front of him, he’d had plenty of damp shoulders from her before. She just wasn’t really sure how to explain what was upsetting her so much. She heard movement again from outside and stop trying to hide her sadness.

Minutes passed and there was a knock at the door and a “Can I come in?”

“Y-y-yes” He slowly opened the door, holding out her favourite Wonder Woman mug. She took it gingerly and looked into it wondering what he had brought her. Her tear soaked face broke into a grin. Hot chocolate, full of marshmallows.

He sat down on the edge of her bed and put his arm around her. He didn’t ask what was wrong, he just hugged her while she cried on her shoulder and then, as her shaking slowed, he reminded her about her hot chocolate which was starting to go cold and began cracking jokes. Teasing a smile out of her until instead of crying about rejection from a guy who really didn’t matter, she was feeling loved and appreciated.


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