#4 Ski

Time to catch up with some of my belated posts.


She had married into an active family. Every spring, they got the tennis rackets out and swapped cars for bicycles where they good. In the summer, the whites and cricket bats were the norm, with many trips to lakes with the canoes or the beach with the surf boards. The autumn brought with it rugby balls and tackles. But winter, winter meant escaping to the mountains, to the snow covered slopes with only two thin rods strapped to your feet as you hurtle down.

She loved her husband, completely and utterly, they had dated for two years and then got married in a big, beautiful ceremony with all their friends and family around them. That was three years ago and they were living a relatively blissful life. Until every winter when his family booked the annual Christmas ski trip. That was the only time when their perfect, happy life, because anything resembling tricky.

She hated heights, she was scared of the whole principle of skiing. She loved cold weather, from the safety of the warm inside, she had no desire to be out in it. There was no part of the experience she enjoyed from the snow tan to the jackets and ski lifts. But every year thus far, she had found herself standing at the top of mountains – gentle hills really but she was from a very flat part of the country, to her everyone was Everest – staring into the abyss and wishing she’d fallen for the sweet but dull guy she had known at uni who had become an accountant.

But this year, this year it was all different. She was pregnant and therefore had the only excuse she could provide to stop her in-laws from encouraging her to don the thick coats and stupid goggles. So, as they all filed out to the lifts, eager for their first day of the holiday which was so eagerly anticipated all year round, she was curling up in the log cabin, in front of the wood burning fireplace with a blanket, a massive mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a book. She sighed and sank further into the chair, ready to immerse herself into the imaginary world. She patted the bump she was growing and for the first time prepared herself to thoroughly enjoy the holiday season.


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