#8 Snow Angels

She had had a bad day. The girls at school had been mean and she had locked herself in her room as soon as she had got in from school. 

There was a quiet rap at her door and her door and her dad stuck his head around the door. “Your brothers want to play in the snow, do you want to come?”

She shook her head, her hair hiding her tear streaked face. Her came came in and sat on her bed, pulling her close. He stroked her hair, kissed her head and asked her what was wrong. 

She mumbled out something about mean and girls. He got the idea. From further in the house they could hear her younger siblings calling for their dad to come and play with them. He hugged his eldest close and then asked again if she wanted to come and play. She started to refuse but he persuaded her. 

Minutes later, they were all wrapped up and trekking to the nearby park where the newly fallen snow lay mostly undisturbed. He little brothers dived straight in while her baby sister was more timid; she didn’t like the snow balls the boys and their father were throwing. So her big sister took her hand and led her a little way away and got her to lie down next to her in the snow. She then started moving her arms and legs, encouraging her little sister to mimic her. When they stood up, her little sister was so enamoured with the angels that she insisted on repeating the action several more times.

Her father came over to where his daughters were playing, and put his arm around his eldest as she laughed. She snuggled into her father’s broad chest and thanked him for getting her out of the house. She had had a very good day after all. 


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