#10 Snowman

The night before, the snow had fallen heavily and constantly. By the time she woke up, it was clear that the schools were going to have to close. So instead of dragging herself to school, she got dressed. She pulled on her warmest clothes and tugged on her furry boots that were certainly getting too small for her after all these years. 

Armed with only a small bag, she set forth. Her destination was the house of a best friend. It was also unfortunately, the other side of town. Fortunately she loved walking in the snow and had yet to ever fall down in it.

Forty minutes later, she was phoning him and he was opening the side gate of his house looking less than impressed in the early morning light.

“Cheer up! I’m about to win” She danced past him and into his annex. They set up the games console and started playing like they always did. He won some, let her win most. They talked nonsense and he made her laugh like no one else did. 

Eventually one of them, she forgot who, suggested actually going out in the snow. From within the depths of the family home, his mother found them some skiing gloves and they trekked out to a nearby park. They threw a few snowballs and then started to make a snowman.

It didn’t really come out as a snowman, it was too curvy. So they added her scarf, his gloves and took photos of their snowwoman. It was with sadness that they eventually left her to go back in for hot drinks and more video games.

She forgot all about the snowwoman until months later and she was stressed about an upcoming exam. Her phone went off and she looked at it, irritated that someone should be interrupting her at this time. It was a message from him.

It was the picture of their snowwoman and the message Do it for the snowwoman.

She smiled and stopped worrying.



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