#11 Quilts

The house was freezing  They were poor students, of course the house was freezing. But as the temperature had dropped, they had begun to see their breath while inside and that was too much to bear. Her parents had given extra duvets to help her resemble something like warm and cosy while in bed. It however didn’t do much to combat how cold it was in the living room where she hung out with her housemates, or did back when it was warmer. Then, they got creative. Together, with friends from a neighbouring house, they collected all the blankets they owned and that were going cheap in local charity shops. With various adhesive tools, they strung up some of the blankets from the ceiling, placing others on the floor and making sides. They put all the duvets in the middle, piling pillows and cushions from both houses on top.

As a finishing touch, one of their group thought ahead and bought bags of marshmallows and tubs of hot chocolate. Others focused on running the power cables and setting up the DVD player and screen.

Finally, they were done and could admire their handiwork. Before them stood the most magnificent den that they had ever made. One by one, the two girls and four guys that made up their friendship group, snuggled down into the den. Their hands were warmed by the large mugs of hot chocolate over flowing with melting marshmallows. They only moved to change the DVDs from one Christmas film to another or to refill their hot chocolate mugs.

That night and for the rest of the season, they were warm and, from the safety of their fluffy, downy fort, felt able to survive the long bitter months.


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