International Women’s Day

I wasn’t really paying attention to today until I saw this facebook status:

“Surely an international women’s day does the opposite of promote equality and anti-sexism”

which got me thinking.

Does a day in the calendar that’s set aside to ‘celebrate women’ do the opposite of equalising the playing field? If so, who started it? Was it created by a patriarchal system like a bone to throw to the feminists to keep them quiet? Or was it the feminists’ idea? Was the idea that for one day a year we acknowledge the roles of women in our societies so that we appreciate them and maybe have a bit more empathy for them year round?

I have often wondered the benefit of events like these, for instance does the existence of black history month suggest that the other eleven months are exclusively for other races? Or do LGBT marches/days indicate that every other day is for straight people?

Do we actually raise awareness for causes or just pigeon-hole them with these acts? Surely every day is for equality – which is the main cause that each campaign strives for. 

The problem of course is that when we assume that we don’t have to talk about it, people easily fall back into their old ways of prejudice and discrimination.

At the same time, there’s a problem in over correcting because of these issues – being turned down because you don’t fit into the box that a company needs to tick to fulfil their “equal opportunities” quota…

Surely the goal is that companies initiate “blind” hiring policies where they don’t ask for your gender, race, age or sexual orientation on the application for? 

But now I’m getting off topic and I’m really only procrastinating from an essay. I’m going to embrace being a girl today, but I do that everyday regardless of whether the google doodle indicates to me that I should. 


2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. Not even slightly. IWD is a spark for so many other things and it provides a focus and energy for campaigns, pressure and the fighting that people do on some level every single day. Marking out a day (week, month, whatever) gives it a profile, draws attention to it, gets it in the media and so on. There are amazing events happening all over the country and it makes people notice. Some of them are people who’ve never really noticed before that there’s a fight in the first place. If IWD makes one woman recognise patriarchy and realise that she can do something about it, I think it’s worth it.

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