Things That Are True When You Are In The Library

  1. At least fifty percent of the people on computers/phones are on Facebook
  2. Around twenty percent are using some other kind of social media
  3. You realise that books are completely useless when you’re a week from your deadline – you do not have enough time to skim an entire book for the chance of one quote.
  4. There will be a point when you develop an irrational hatred towards another person because of their typing quirks or shuffling or general presence.
  5. At some point your technology will decide that it’s fun to scare you into thinking you’re going to lose all your work
  6. At some point you will wish that you had enough work done to be scared of losing it.
  7. Even the dreariest day outside will look like a day at the beach compared to the rows of books facing you.
  8. You will become fascinated in the most inane things – how your shoelaces are tied up, the grain of your study carrel, the word physiological…
  9. You’ll consider pole-dancing/stripping/pornography as a viable alternative to your degree
  10. You’ll develop a love/hate relationship with your phone notifications because they distract you.
  11. You consider all the other fun things you could be doing right now. Like tidying your iTunes, cleaning your bathroom, running a marathon…
  12. You’ll become very familiar with how the ceiling looks as you stare at it for inspiration.
  13. There is always someone playing Angry Birds
  14. Just as you get in the mood to write something down – someone on the floor will start having a conversation in stage whispers and you’ll forget everything.
  15. You will be less than appreciative of the irony in the phone ringing on the librarian’s desk on the silent level.
  16. You’ll do pretty much anything but face the reality that you’re screwed, like write a blog post about it…
  17. And there will come a time when you throw in the towel and decide to go home for food realising that all in all, you’ve not got much to show for the four hours you’ve spent here apart from several new completed levels of Angry Birds and new followers on your blog.

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