The Logic of Tooting Your Horn At A Person

I am aware this is rapidly turning into a Lou-rants-at-life blog but I don’t care, this needs to be said.

Why on earth do people, I’m trying to be gender neutral here, toot their horns while driving past a pedestrian? What is even the point?

I have never in the history of ever heard of an example of someone honking their horn and the person on the street crying “oh take me now!”

This is for a variety of reasons

  1. By the time the pedestrian has recovered from their shock induced heart attack, the car/van/lorry, has already sped by
  2. You, the driver, are to the pedestrian a nameless, faceless person because, chances are, they weren’t looking soulfully into the eyes of the moving traffic hoping for that one meaningful connection
  3. It’s not sexy, it’s not endearing.

Personally, this phenomenon began when I was 16. That’s right, 16 (leading me to believe that there is a Sims-like diamond floating over my head that went green the minute I became of legal age) and I was over it by 17. It was flattering at first to a young girl to be found attractive but I’m 20 now, that injection to my ego is covered by grimy hands on my arse on a night out. There is really no place in my life where I think “Oh you know what would make me feel better right now? Being leched at from a car”.

So why do people do it? I have a few theories

  1. Because they enjoy seeing people jump. I was once carrying a carton of eggs and someone beeped their horn. Jokes on them, I didn’t drop them. However, on plenty of occasions I’ve not been holding hilarious-to-drop items and have still found myself shocked out of the song I was walking along to or the nice daydream. If this is why you beep your horn, stop it. It’s not big and it’s not clever.
  2. To voice your appreciation. As I’ve already covered, it’s not appreciated. I know I look great, I really don’t need your car to chime in as well.
  3. To convince yourself that you still like women… That’s great for you. Again, I still do not need to hear about it.
  4. To perpetuate the stereotype. This one’s particularly for lorry drivers like the one who inspired this post today. Why, just why?

I think what I’m really trying to get at here is that next time the urge comes over you to beep, toot, honk your horn at someone walking along the street, just don’t. Think of instead, the fact that your mother may have gone through this or that one day your daughter will be writing a frustrated post on the internet just like this. (Yeah, I already told my dad off but he swears that he never honked his horn at anyone).

Let’s all get back to using our car horns for their purpose shall we?


2 thoughts on “The Logic of Tooting Your Horn At A Person

  1. huzzah. I don’t get tooted often, but I did experience a drive by heckle once. I was walking to the Library at uni when a car full of guys drove psst from behind me, tooted and yelled ‘dude, you look like a girl’ by this point the car had passed me and I heard the now deflated idiot say ‘oh…you are’. I didn’t know whether this meant that I had a very androgynous back… but I did know I was being passed by idiots.

  2. Louise, put some info on your Avatar; your blog-page would be a good start. Cheers. Btw, in Germany you can be charged and fined for tooting your horn unnecessarily.

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