Development Officer Positions Filled

Originally posted on The Epinal on June 7, 2013.


Following the elections in Union Council tonight, the vacant Development Officer positions of Alumni, Environment and Ethics, and Employability and Enterprise have been filled.

Dave Tingle was re-elected for a third year as Alumni DO by eight votes to seven with one abstention. When asked how he felt about returning for a third year, Tingle told The Epinal that:

“I’m very excited and motivated for next year. Amongst other things, I really want to be able to find even more people like our current ‘alumni champions’. Which is a key, but largely hidden, part of this role. This year isn’t over yet though, still a few more tricks for 2012/13!”

The position of Environment and Ethics DO was contested by Sam Minnitt and Yara Wazir. Wazir won by 12 to five after discussing her desire to incorporate societies such as Engineers Without Borders and Time 4 Change. After being asked how she felt about the successful election, Wazir said:

“I’m thrilled to be taking on and carrying Selina and Igors’ successes forward, but looking forward to wider student involvement across all departments, as well as strengthening bonds with existing similarly themed societies to co-organise events to maximise outreach and maintain Loughborough’s excellent Green record.”

The newly created position of Employability and Enterprise DO had three candidates; Nanchella Makokha, Maz Haider and Lemuel Valdez.  With 12 votes, Makokha becomes the new DO. Haider failed to receive any votes, four were in favour of Valdez and one Councillor voted RON.

When asked about the elections and why he thought that these were the first contested DO positions, VP Democracy and Communications, Ali Cole told The Epinal that:

“I am pleased with the turnout for candidates standing for the position elected yesterday at Union Council. All of those who stood seemed like strong individuals and I am sure those who won will make a fantastic addition to the Executive Team. As I’ve said previously, in my time in this role I have learned two things about students and elections. One that students are adverse to elections, the idea of putting themselves out there in a ‘popularity contest’ puts most off. Two, seeing no one run the first time, widens the appeal of running the second time. It poses interesting questions for representation versus democratic process but ultimately I am pleased we have managed to fill these positions!”

With Council having ratified the original DO election, Tingle, Makokha and Wazir will join Tom Parry, Natasha White and Catriona Laskowski as the Development Officers for 2013/14.


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