Exec Video Called Worst YouTube Video Ever

Originally posted on The Epinal on October 28, 2013

The video released by Loughborough Students’ Union on Friday of the Exec singing about all the opportunities available at the Union to Naughty Boy’s ‘La La La’ is being discussed as being one of the worst YouTube videos ever by members of The Student Room and Reddit.

The song follows the tradition of videos from the Exec that can be traced back to the team from 2009 when the YouTube channel was started.

With the YouTube video now at just over 13,000 views, a member of Reddit posted it under the subreddit ‘Cringe’. It has inspired comments from users such as “Im so thankful I didn’t go to Loughborough now” and “This video changed my UCAS options”. In the 12 hours the thread has been on the site, it has received 110 votes for being cringeworthy.

On a thread in The Student Room started two hours after the Reddit one, another user is glad they “didn’t choose LSU” with fellow comments agreeing that it made them cringe and discussing the musical talent or lack thereof.

Since this morning, the comments section on the YouTube video itself have been disabled.

Speaking to The Epinal, Union President Josh Hurrell explained that:

“Unfortunately, this video has gathered a few negative comments. It is meant to be taken as a joke however I fear people think we are being serious.

“We use it for a memory game during the fresher presentations and it was well received during the presentations and at the international induction events that we played it at. Out of context it doesn’t seem to have the same effect.”


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