Union Council 9.1.14

Originally published on The Epinal on January 9, 2014

Good evening. You join us at the first Union Council of the term where elections are on the agenda. Union Council elections, Board of Trustees elections and Exec elections pack.

The last three comittees will be voted on during the Council elections during February 6.

Amy Ward then puts herself forward for Learning and Teaching Committee, a role that can be assisted due to her role as programme rep and departmental chair. She is voted on.

Jennie Cooper then puts herself forward to be part of the Student Experience Committee, which is passed.

They all pass.

Evans is the only one who puts himself forward for the open vacancy on the University Council. This Council is where all the financial decisions will be made, as VP Finance, he feels that he has the relevant experience for this committee.

The Councillors vote him on.

Board of Trustees casual vacancies are to be voted on now. Due to the casual vacancy nature of it, the Exec are able to run so Crossley and Nanson put themselves forward. As do Valdez and Gideon Adekunlez.

There are no questions for the candidates so they leave the room for the vote.

Lemuel Valdez puts himself forward as Council Vice-Chair.

Essajee asks how Valdez intends on supporting the Chair. He says that due to her being on placement, he would be able to attend meetings that she is not able to.

He is elected.

Chrisp now proposes the ammended Exec Elections Candidate Pack 2014.

The budget will now be £100 plus 20 t-shirts as well as £10 worth of printing provided by the Union.

There will be two budget approval days before the Election and all purchases will have to be named a day before use so that the Elections Committee have time to verify it.

This is passed by all but the Councillors intending on running for Exec.

The candidates for Disciplinary are all elected on. Leaving the final sub-committee of Finance.

Ibrahim Ebenehi and Huzaifa Essajee both put themselves forward and are voted on.

Governance Committee is next. Governance will help to change Council and Exec. However, no one puts themselves forward.

However, Amy Ward, Chris Ward, Aimee Loggoe, Rob Whittaker, and Dan Thomas all put themselves forward for Disciplinary Committee.


They are both elected.

The next committee is Election Commitee. Salomi Senthilkumar and Aimee Leggoe both put themselves forward. They both make speeches about why.

Essajee then asks whether they believe that they should receive free stash. Leggoe says yes as it helps to identify themselves as part of the committee when they are required to patrol on nights out.

Now the elections for Procedurals Committee who will be called upon if anything goes wrong during the elections. Amiee Leggoe and Chris Lane propose Adam Dismore for the position. This is passed.

Nanchella, Enterprise and Employability DO, has had to step down due to personal reasons. The role will be run as a casual vacancy in the next Council meeting.

Evans has been working to regain our license outside.

He wants to look into renovating the balcony to reward volunteers on nights out. He’s also been working with Crossley for this year’s Soundclash.

Lauder-Fletcher will release the results of her programme rep meeting shortly.

Haar says that this year’s food drive has been larger than previous years and that so far the Action Heroes have hit 5000 hours.

Hurrell has met with Leicestershire County Council who have put plans forward to turn off street lights between 12am and 5am to explain that that would not work for students due to the different lifestyle we lead.

Chrisp mentions the successful Candidate’s evening.

Crossley has been planning the election media week and also the Alumni weekend. She says NASTA plans are going well, the tickets are selling and that LSUTV are hoping to enter 15 catergories.

Nanson has held drop-in advice sessions for fund-raising. He currently believes their £30,000 up on last year.

Ford mentions the success of the carols she held around the fountain and discusses the future plans with Lauder-Fletcher regarding their dealing with stress week.

Cooper informs Council that Loughborough have returned to the top of BUCS and that she has been working with AU clubs to work on short term, 1 year, 3 year and 5 year plans.


Essajee asks Zak Evans about his actions from last meeting, Evans says that he has joined with Jonti Davies, Do Environment and Ethics, to write a paper to submit to Council.

Essajee asks Helen Crossley whether Label will be joining with E&E this year to produce a special edition. Crossley says that due to Label reducing its publication output by half and changing the paper, it does not need to produce a special environmentally friendly edition.

Essajee then asks how Sarah Haar is working to solve the running problem of “Be Inspired”. She explains that she is still trying to work on it, although she has found that it has taken much more time than she originally planned and also that it is difficult as the College already has students that are enrolled in the program.

There are no other questions posed to the Exec.

Nandha begins the meeting by asking everyone to introduce themselves. Following this, the minutes from last meeting are passed. Nandha silences Council just in time for Gideon Adekunlez, new Councillor, to propose the guillotine for 8:40pm. It passes.

The motion to merge the Exec roles of Finance and Commercial Services and Democracy and Communications has been taken off the agenda. The Exec have deemed it unfair to change the roles so close to the elections.

Quorum has been met.



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