Union Rebrand: Where Has The Money Gone?

Originally published on The Epinal, on October 9, 2013


At the Union Council meeting when Ali Cole, former VP Democracy and Communication, revealed his plans for the Union rebrand, Councillor James Carroll asked him to explain how the rebrand will be more than just a fresh coat of paint on a Union that fundamentally doesn’t change. Although Cole at the time declared that it would also involve training sessions for Exec and staff, two weeks into the new term and the “new” union honestly, I can’t see anything other than new paint.

The breakdown of the £80,000 that was allocated for this project, as I understood it, was that £20,000 was to be invested in a new logo and website with the other £60,000 on building work to bring the building up to the new, rebranded, modern standards. It seemed like a lot of money when it was just an idea and now that it has been implemented, it still seems like a lot of money.

The logo is shiny and new, it’s clearly in Loughborough colours, and although it is now clearly displayed in the top left hand corner of posters and leaflets of societies, AU clubs, and other branches of the Union it hasn’t quite managed to get everywhere.

For instance, the Flix Cinema sign hanging outside The Cope is still clearly the old logo. That’s okay, it is all the way across Epinal Way and next to the college so it’s understandable that the forces behind the rebrand forgot it was there. That’s fair.

The carpet on the Fusion stairs however, that is literally in the Students’ Union building. Yet right at the centre of the rebrand, there is still a carpet emblazoned with the old logo. It’s not even a subtle design. How could all the money allotted for building work not stretch to a new carpet to complete the job?

This mysterious £80,000 does seem to have managed to cover a lot of new paint which does in fact look quite cool. Everything is very purple and white inside the Union now which is nice. Cogs even gets opened in the daytime with chairs inside to add to the seating area. That does seem to be the extent of the building work done however.

The rebrand might at least have brought us the benefits of a new website but once again, it has merely changed colour. Sure we have a new address to type into our browsers with lsu.co.uk – although be wary of adding .net or .com unless you want to be directed to Louisiana State University – where we reach a more Loughborough colour co-ordinated site but fundamentally, nothing has changed. The basic template and programming is the same.

These problems may all be rectified in the near future, but I find it hard to understand why, with so much money at their disposal and with three months of summer, there are still so many gaps in this all-encompassing overhaul.


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