University Challenge: Southampton Too Strong For Loughborough

Originally posted on The Epinal on October 29, 2013


In the University Challenge episode aired on October 28, Loughborough fell to Southampton University 185-80.

Having lost to Clare College, Cambridge 155-195 on August 12, Loughborough’s University Challenge team were invited back to play in the highest losers play-off.

With an average age of 23, two years less, than their opponents’ average age, Loughborough’s team consisted of Ali Thornton, a Banking, Finance and Management student, Kathy Morten, an Aeronautical Engineer, Grant Craig, a PhD candidate in Analytical Chemistry and Katie Spalding, a Maths student.

Southampton got off to a strong start with the first two starter questions and quickly drew ahead to 45-0. Before Ali Thornton could claim the first starter question for Loughborough and help draw back to 45-20.

Southampton increased their lead even further to 55-20 before interrupting a question incorrectly and losing five points. Loughborough stole the starter to get a bonus round on international rugby players for which they received all of the available points.

Another starter from Southampton followed by one from Loughborough brought the scores up to 65-55 until a music round identifying actors who have played Fagin brought Loughborough ahead for the first time with 65-70.

That was unfortunately the last of the good luck for Loughborough as Southampton went on to win the next five rounds and increase their lead to an unbeatable 175-70. Although Loughborough later went on to gain another 15 points, an interruption on the last starter lost them five so the match finished 185-80. With Southampton University progressing to the second round.

Host, Jeremy Paxman, commented that the team had started well but faded a bit.

The auditions for next year’s University Challenge team will be held on November 5 and 8.


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